Product information




Wrist ice wraps are multipurpose wrist wraps that support the wrist with customizable compression and soothing heat or cold to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation.


    Supporting the wrist with customizable compression and soothing heat or cold to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation


    Easily tighten or loosen the wrist wrap to produce the level of compression desired


    Remaining flexible when frozen, the Arctic Flex gel pack provides soothing heat or cold for targeted relief


    Anchored by a comfortably large thumb hole, the wrist wrap is uniquely designed for use on the left or right wrist


    Easily adjusts to fit wrists up to 9” in circumference


    Lightweight and latex-free, the ice wrap is constructed with a soft, neoprene blend with a strong fastener strap for a comfortable, non-slip fit

Additional details

  • Provides Hot or Cold Pain Relief: Gel packs can be microwaved or placed in the freezer
  • Continue On With Daily Activities: Securely stays in place
  • Easy To Put On With One Hand: Quickly provides pain relief
  • Fits wrist circumferences up to 9"
  • Flexible Fastener Strap: Adjustable for desired compression
  • Machine Washable Cover: Removable cover is made with a soft, neoprene blend

  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Product Type: Wrist Ice Wrap
  • Wrist Wrap: 17.1" L x 4.4" W
  • Thumb Opening: 1.3" in Diameter
  • Arctic Flex Gel Pack: 11.4" L x 3.6" W
  • Warning: CA Prop 65 WARNING

  • Remove the Arctic Flex gel pack before cleaning
  • Machine wash the wrist ice wrap in cold water with a mild detergent
  • Allow to air dry completely before use

  • Place the Arctic Flex ice wrap pack flat in the freezer for a minimum of two hours
  • Remove from the freezer and secure it in the interior pocket of the wrist wrap
  • Apply to the area to be treated

  • Place the gel pack in the microwave on a paper towel or paper plate
  • Heat on full power for 5 seconds
  • Remove the gel pack carefully from the microwave and knead to distribute heat evenly
  • Check for the desired temperature
  • To reheat, place the gel pack back in the microwave for 5-second intervals until the desired temperature is reached
  • Place the heated gel pack in the interior pocket

Is this a glove or true wrist wrap?

The Vive wrist ice wrap is a single wrap with a thumb hole for anchoring the top of the wrap and can be worn on either the left or right wrist.

Will the ice wrap fit a 9” wrist size?

Yes, the Vive wrist ice wrap is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes up to 9” in circumference.

Will the wrist ice wrap help with arthritis?

Yes! The ice wrap provides compression and heat or cold therapy to relieve pain and stiffness due to arthritis.

Does the wrist wrap cover the palm as well?

The wrist wrap covers the base of the palm only, leaving the hand free to complete daily activities.

Is the wrist ice wrap washable?

Yes! The Vive wrist ice wrap is machine washable in cold water with mild detergent. Air dry completely before use.

How many ice packs does the wrap use?

The Vive wrist ice wrap uses a single Arctic Flex gel pack, uniquely designed to wrap around the entire wrist for optimal relief.

Is this good for those with carpal tunnel?

Yes! The wrist ice wrap is great for soothing carpal tunnel pain.

Is this wrist wrap reversible?

Yes! The wrap is designed for use on either the left or right wrist.

What is the wrist ice wrap made of?

The Vive wrist ice wrap is constructed with a soft neoprene blend that is lightweight and latex-free. The included Arctic Flex gel pack is made with a latex-free pvc material with a nontoxic gel filling.

How big is the gel pack?

The Arctic Flex gel pack measures 11.42” by 3.66” .

Can I wear the wrist ice wrap while sleeping?

Heat or cold therapy is only recommended for up to 20 minutes. The Vive night splint safely supports the wrist with gentle compression and a removable metal splint for a nighttime option.

Can I heat the gel pack up in the microwave?

Yes! The Arctic Flex gel pack can be heated in a microwave in 5-second intervals. While heating, watch the gel pack carefully. If it starts to expand, stop heating immediately.