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Sky Medical Supplies LLC

Sky Medical Supplies LLC
Sky Medical Supplies LLC

Searching for hard-to-find medical devices and equipment? Prefer to rent short-term than buy something you won’t need permanently? Sky Medical Supplies is Denver’s one-stop destination for medical supplies, equipment sales, and rentals.

From steerable knee scooters to hospital beds, reclining lift chairs, a range of wound care necessities, and almost everything in between, we guarantee the widest range of quality medical goods for the lowest possible prices. But your journey with Sky doesn’t end when you buy…

We are passionate about making Denver a better place, which is why our trained professionals will take the time to explain your options depending on your needs – as well as how your chosen device or equipment works before you commit.

8340, Northfield Blvd # 1680

Finding medical devices and equipment has never been this easy. Visit us in-store at 8-3-4-0 Northfield Boulevard, and put Sky Medical Supplies to the test for yourself. We can’t wait to welcome you to our Denver family!


Where Do You Find Medical Supplies on Weekends?

  • There are times when you may need to purchase medical supplies or rent equipment in an emergency. If you are looking for medical supplies in an emergency on Weekends, search for nowhere else; Sky Medical Supplies is willing to assist you!
  • Our job is to make sure that you have access to the equipment you need promptly when a situation arises. Our medical supply equipment is now available for delivery seven days a week at Sky Medical Supplies. We are open seven days a week. Our massive store carries a wide variety of mobility scooters, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, lift chairs, fall prevention, bath safety, bed safety, and compression socks in Denver, CO. Communication with simplicity and honesty is our preference. Upsells, surprises, or hidden fees are never expected! See our work and trusted staff. Have a look at what Sky Medical Supplies has to offer!

Meet our leadership

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Sky Medical Supplies

    store direction

    Sky Medical provides high-quality medical supplies and equipment in Denver, Colorado. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

  • Semaynesh Miftah

    Customer rep Administrator

    I have been in customer service for over a decade in the greater Seattle Renton and the Greater Denver area. Over the past 15 years, beauty and caring have been my passion.  I am here to help you find medical devices.  My team and I are concerned with the things that make your life simpler and easier so that you are happy and productive. For fast recovery and weekend servers, we have guaranteed uptime.

  • Hussien Hassen

    Senior employee | management

    Sky Medical Supplies was co-founded by a husband and wife team: Semaynesh Miftah and Hussien Hassen. We opened our doors in May of 2021 at a time when many local families were struggling – both financially and with health concerns.