Semaynesh Miftah, Customer rep Administrator

Semaynesh Miftah

Customer rep Administrator

I have been in customer service for over a decade in the greater Seattle Renton and the Greater Denver area. Over the past 15 years, beauty and caring have been my passion.  I am here to help you find medical devices.  My team and I are concerned with the things that make your life simpler and easier so that you are happy and productive. For fast recovery and weekend servers, we have guaranteed uptime.

For years, Semaynesh has been a pillar in Denver’s Ethiopian community. Outside of her work as a hairstylist, she built a reputation as the go-to person for temporary housing, financial assistance, volunteer service, and compassionate visits.

My previous few years have taught me to look after each others better than before calling my colleague or me to discuss medical supplies. History