SHOWER head holder Universal LONG LASTING Nova

Product information





  • ADD A HAND-HELD SHOWER HOLDER to your bath seat, transfer bench, bath stool or shower commode.
  • ATTACHMENT MAKES BATHING & SHOWERING MUCH EASIER, safe, and enjoyable having your hand-held shower with your bath seat at hand’s reach.
  • EASILY ATTACHES to all bath seats, transfer benches, bath stools, and commode legs from 3/4” to 1” in diameter—Phillips screwdriver required for assembly.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT holds all handheld shower handles. It is recommended to have a handheld shower with a longer hose (such as 84”) when using a handheld shower with any bath seat, transfer bench, or bath stool.
  • LONG LASTING and made of durable plastic. Mount Handheld Shower , handheld shower head holder,  SHOWERS Handheld Shower , Shower Head Holder with Angle Positions, Hand shower holder bathroom & shower,  Adjustable Shower Head holder, Hand Shower Holder Bracket, Shower Arm Mount holder

The Holder for Hand Held Shower, or as we prefer, “Happy Bath Shower Holder”, makes showering much more convenient because your handheld shower is your best bath companion, and this holder puts it in the perfect spot. It securely attaches to most bath bench arms with a ¾” or 1” diameter tube.

Additional details

Overall Weight: 0.2
Overall Dimension: 1.75w x 2.75d x 1.75h

  • Unit Weight (lbs): 0.19
  • Color: Red
  • Each Height (inches): 1.75
  • Each Width (inches): 4.25
  • Overall Width (inches): 4
  • Overall Dimensions (inches): 1.75w x 2.75d x 1.75h
  • Overall Weight (lbs): .2
  • Retail Packaged: Yes