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Experience consistent pain relief with the Vive Ultrasoft heating pad. The Vive ultrasoft heating pad maintains consistent heat, set by the digital controller's easy-to-press buttons. Four heat settings, with an additional moist heat option, provide exceptional pain relief. The flexible heating pad conforms to the body, providing targeted muscle and joint pain relief. The ultrasoft micro plush cover is also removable for cleaning as needed.

Additional details

  • Please do not use it while sleeping
  • Do not use on infants or animals
  • Do not use without the cover in place
  • Children should not use
  • Please do not use it with ointments
  • Do not sit or lie on the pad. Place the pad on top of the affected body part.

FEATURES of the heating pads include

  • Targeted Pain Relief

Providing targeted relief, the Vive heating pad’s consistent heat soothes sore and aching joints and muscles. Generously sized for greater coverage, the Vive heating pad provides soothing heat therapy for the back, abdomen, hip, legs, and more—the flexible heating pad contours to the body for concentrated pain relief. 

  • Four Moist Or Dry Heat Settings

Select one of four heat settings with the easy-to-use digital controller for personalized comfort. The heating pad increases blood circulation by supplying relaxing heat therapy to relieve stiff muscles and joints. The included moisture sheet creates a deeply penetrating moist heat for exceptional pain relief and muscle relaxation.

  • Washable Microplush Cover

Ultra-soft, the micro plush cover is held in place with two snap closures and two integrated straps to prevent the heating pad from sliding while in use. The removable cover is machine washable for added convenience. Safely store the heating pad set in the included travel and storage bag.

  • Extended Reach Cord

The extra-long power cord reaches nearly nine feet, allowing you to rest comfortably in any location. Standard safety features include a two-hour automatic shutoff to prevent overheating.

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Can I lie flat on my back on the heating pad?

You are not recommended to use the pad under your targeted body area, as burns or electrical shock could result.

Does the heating pad have an auto shut-off?

Yes, the heating pad automatically shuts off after two hours have elapsed.

How long is the cord on the heating pad?

The power cord is 8’ 9” in length.

Does the heating pad have an on/off button for the auto-off, or is it always on a two-hour timer?

You may manually turn off the heating pad by pressing the on/off button.

What size is the heating pad?

The heating pad is available in two sizes. The standard size is 12” x 15,” and the large size is 12” x 24”.

What is the heating pad made from?

The pad is fabricated from PVC and plastic.

What is the heating pad cover made from?

The cover is fabricated from soft and washable micro plush.

Does the heating pad come with a storage bag?

Yes, the heating pad comes with a cotton storage/travel bag.

Can I wash the heating pad?

It is not recommended that you wash the heating pad. Never submerge the pad in water.

Can I wash the cover?

You may machine wash the cover and hang it to dry.

Can I use the heating pad in a 220v outlet?

No, the pad is suitable for a 120v outlet only.

How do I use the moisture sheet?

Dampen the moisture sheet and insert the heating pad into the cover. Do not over-saturate.

Will the heating pad stay in place inside the cover?

Yes, the cover features two snap closures to keep the heating pad from sliding around.

Is the controller easy to use?

Yes, the large button and easy-to-read setting lights are very easy to see and use.

Will the heating pad drape over my shoulders?

Yes, the pad is flexible enough to contour to your body for targeted pain relief.


Uses: To provide targeted heat therapy for temporary relief of muscle and joint aches and pains

Dimensions:Standard: 12” x 15”  and Large: 12” x 24”

Materials: Cover: Microplush

  • Heating pad: PVC
  • Heating pad: Plastic
  • Bag: Cotton

Power Needs: 120V / 50Hz / 50W

Color: Light gray

Cleaning Instructions:

  • The removable cover is machine washable
  • Hang to dry the cover
  • Do not submerge the heating pad in water
  • Do not dry clean