Blog Protecting And Supporting a Swollen, painful, Or Weak Joints: Wrist Splints

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 16:33

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Individuals with weak, painful, or swollen joints might benefit from a wrist splint or support. Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, De Quervain Syndrome (Wrist Tendonitis), fractures, sprains, and strains may benefit from their use. These wrist splints are mostly available at any reliable medical supply, i.e., Sky Medical Supply. Find out more about wrist splints below. 

What is a wrist splint?

Wrist thermoplastic splints have a rigid structure that makes them impossible to move. An effective wrist splint will provide gentle compression without restricting wrist movement. It maintains a neutral wrist position. Maintaining this neutral position minimizes joint and tissue stress. People use splints if they have broken or fractured bones or sprained wrists.  

What is the difference between a wrist splint and wrist support?

In a wrist splint or brace, a lightweight metal bar is positioned under the wrist and into the palmar crease so that the wrist cannot bend.

A wrist splint helps reduce strain on the tendons by supporting and holding the wrist in a neutral position. When treating conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a wrist splint is an excellent tool, providing the optimum support without aggravating symptoms and pressing on the median nerve.

The splint makes it easier for users to sleep by preventing the wrist from flexing because pain and numbness are reduced. Wear wrist supports or wrist guards during activities that require a full range of motion. Wearers can do everything from gardening to playing tennis with full wrist motion with wrist guards.

These supports consist of elasticated straps that wrap around the wrist for compression rather than a metal splint.

What is wrist support right for me?

Many versions are available that differ in color, materials, or features, so it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. Because each type of mattress provides a different level of support and comfort, the following factors should be considered:

Which is better, a splint or support? 

It depends on how you feel. In general, a splint gives additional support and accelerates the healing process. This is ideal for wearing at night and during the day, enabling most daily activities to be performed comfortably. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sprains, and Wrist Tendonitis are all conditions that Splints can help with. A wrist support guard is ideal if you are participating in sports or activities requiring complete wrist flexibility.

What type of material is used for the support?

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Access offers wrist supports made from neoprene, elastic, cotton, and foam.

What type of fastenings is on the support? 

The brace can be adjusted as needed by hook and loop straps (three to five). It depends on your preferences as well as your medical conditions.

Can the brace be described as aesthetically pleasing? 

Consider how comfortable it would be to wear the support all day.

What are the sizes available? 

It's essential to choose the right size. The support should be comfortable while providing support. The Access supports come in a wide range of sizes for a customized fit. To determine your size, measure the circumference of your wrist. Alternatively, you can call the Access team, who will be pleased to assist you.

When do you wear a wrist splint? 

People can reduce the risk of aggravated joint and limb injuries by wearing splints, braces, and supports. MySplint is wrist support that can be shaped to fit your hand, protecting the joints and preventing nerve compression. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and doctors should prescribe wrist splints for people who have arthritis.

Activities like sports, work, and video games, especially those that require repetitive or lengthy movements, can cause wrist pain. With wrist braces or custom-made wrist splints, you can ease wrist pain while performing your daily routines and activities.

Can I wear a wrist splint during the day or just at night?

We recommend you speak with your doctor to determine if your wrist support is appropriate. Based on your condition, splints and supports can relieve pain at night or during the day. During the night, when Carpal Tunnel symptoms can be severe, sufferers generally wear their supports, whereas other conditions may be exacerbated only during the day.

Wrist splints can be worn during most daily activities, although we recommend wrist guards for sports or activities requiring complete wrist flexibility. Metal palmar bars are not included in the guards.

Top reasons for using a medical-grade wrist splint

Sports - Sports like tennis and golf and specific positions, such as pitchers in baseball, quarterbacks in football, or goalkeepers in soccer, require a lot of bone and joint strength. An injury or pain can result from overuse or poor form.

Stocking shelves 

Premium splints are commonly found in most grocery and retail stores. The overuse of the wrist frequently results in splints and braces being used. The purpose of many splints is to prevent injury or treat an already present injury. It is essential to choose the right one and to wear it correctly. Stockers and shipping/receiving employees might be at risk. Hands can be strained by repetitive motion.

Office work 

Typing on a keyboard all day long and using a mouse can lead to wrist pain. Purchasing a keyboard and mouse or adapting ergonomic practices to the workplace can help prevent future problems. Even if you wear wrist supports while working at the computer, wrist pain may still affect you. 

Video games 

A gamer may spend hours using a keyboard, mouse, or controller without taking a break, playing with friends, or as a professional. 

Prior injury 

Previous wrist sprains or weak muscles and ligaments can lead to bone and joint pain.

Other activities 

If you paint, write, or use tools for prolonged periods, wearing a splint can help ease the pain.

Medi wrist brace

It can treat wrist sprains, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and post-operative rehabilitation.


Its features include lightweight, comfortable, and medical-grade material, stabilizing, controlling, and supporting aluminum stays, a simple, one-handed application that pulls on, and entire finger movement is possible with the brace.

Final thoughts 

Sky Medical Supplies carries a range of wrist braces, splints, and supports that can provide compression and support for the wrist and ease discomfort and pain.  Our restorative Medical Hand Splint supports people with Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain. Talk to your doctor and visit our store to speed up your healing process and prevent further injury to your wrist.

For moderate to severe conditions requiring few to no movements of the wrist, wrist braces and wrist splints are available with a wide range of support levels. Neoprene and metal are typically used to make these wrist wraps, which treat arthritis, injuries, and other wrist conditions. Contact Sky medical supplies to get affordable med supplies right now.