Ice Therapy Machine Rentals

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Sky Medical Supply offers ice therapy machine rentals. These cold therapy machines work by anesthetizing the nerve endings in the body to reduce pain.
Customers rent our ice therapy machines for approximately two weeks to alleviate post-operative swelling and inflammation or reduce post-workout stiffness and pain. We're here to help make your recovery smoother and faster.
In addition to our rental units, we also offer replacement pads for our new ice therapy machines. These universal attachments ( Ice Therapy Machine Replacement Pads) re available for purchase $39.00. Contact us today to learn more about our cold therapy units and how we can assist with your recovery.

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Ice Therapy Machine Rentals

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All rentals are thoroughly sanitized and inspected upon return and before delivery.

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$20 /week

Rent by the week for flexible usage options and convenient equipment access.

  • Flex weekly pay
  • 7 day support
  • Instant renewal
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$60 /month

Rent by the month for extended support and peace of mind.

  • 7 day support
  • Precancellation
  • Instant renewal
Monthly billing