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Zinger  electric wheelchair from health & lifestyle 

 Wheelchair power wheelchair Zinger!

Meet the future of personal transportation. Turns on a dime. It Folds & unfolds in seconds. Fits in your vehicle's trunk or back seat. It seats you at tables & desks like a normal chair. Fun to drive, too!

Zinger Power Wheelchair

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With the zinger power wheelchair, you can maneuver any ground comfortably and effortlessly. This folding electric wheelchair type is one of the cheapest on the market today! The power wheelchair has features and all the necessary safety precautions. It has a padded seat and a height-adjustable joystick controller that can be connected to the left or right side for simple transfer.

The Zinger Power Wheelchair allows you to travel freely throughout your home, neighborhood, indoors, and outdoors. You can now participate in any event, regardless of the location.

Benefits of having a Zinger Power Wheelchair: 

  •  Robust motors, front suspension systems, and firm tires make moving across the grass, stones, concrete, rugs, and other floors easy.
  • You can take it anywhere since you fold it within a few seconds. You can also set it up with no time.
  • A 360-degree repositionable joystick controller with a battery charge indicator, horn, speed settings, and USB power connector is included when buying a zinger power wheelchair.
  • It's made from lightweight metal and has a customizable footrest, armrests, and backrest elevation to accommodate any weight securely. 
  • The 17.5" broad seat is well padded with a compact cushion and coated with nice, breathable mesh for ultimate convenience. It also consists of a flexible safety harness.

Additional details

Imagine getting your mobility -- and your freedom -- back. Going where you want to go - inside or outside. Turning heads as you cruise by in style. There's just nothing like a Zinger chair.

In a Zinger, you’ll roll right up to your table. No adjustments to the Zinger, no changing seats, no ‘parking’ your scooter, and no fuss. Zinger easily fits right under a standard table or desk, even with the arm rails installed.

When it’s time to back out, you simply push off the table or with your feet, and Zinger backs up easily and conveniently. The Zinger has a reverse mode to make backing up a breeze if you prefer

Simply pull the release cable, which folds to just 10" in seconds. No parts to assemble or disassemble. See how easy it really is.

Video of how Zinger compares regarding setup. (0:54) >>

Lightweight & Portable

At just 47 lbs., including the battery, it's light enough for you or a helper to put it in your back seat or trunk. When folded, it even rolls like a suitcase.

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Use It Anywhere

Get around the house...and worldwide with your Zinger: shopping, restaurants, a bike ride with kids, even cruises, and air travel. Mobility issues won't slow you down with your Zinger!

Video of how easily Zinger loads up. (0:25) >>

With less than a half-hour of practice, you'll be zinging around your home, your block, and wherever your travels take you!

Turns On A Dime (Literally!)

No other power mobility product maneuvers like a Zinger. The patented two-lever driving system makes tight turns a breeze. Watch it literally turn on a dime.

Video of Zinger turning on a dime! (0:30) >>

Works Inside And Outside

Three-speed settings keep you in full control of how fast (or slow) you want to go. Low is perfect for around the house and makes learning easy and safe. The medium allows up to 3 mph, which is great for keeping pace with a friend on foot. In High, the Zinger goes up to 6 mph to get you there fast!

Video of how to operate your Zinger. (2:08) >>

Goes Almost Everywhere

Life's inevitable bumps in the road won't stop your Zinger. While it's not built for beach sand or other off-roading, the powerful motor and low center of gravity let you go to most places without the risk of tipping. Grass, gravel, or bumps up to 2" are no problem in your Zinger. Take a look.

Video of Zinger on a variety of terrain. (0:54) >>

Now available in a Joystick model!

Are you limited in the use of your arms or hands? The Zoomer Chair offers the same benefits that make the Zinger so popular but features an innovative joystick control system that can be easily operated with just one hand.

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