Zen-O Lite Rucksack carry Backpack case accessories GCE

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It protects the concentrator from damage and is a convenient way to carry it around on the go out when you are cruising.

Backpack to carry the Zen-O Lite Concentrator in. It protects the concentrator from damage and is a convenient way to move while maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Other Zen o lite accessories are available including zen-o lite backpack, available for the Zen-O Lite: Batteries; AC Power Supply; DC Power Supply; External Battery Charger; Custom Carrying Case; Custom Backpack.

Additional details

a Backpack to carry Zen-O lite™ is a truly portable solution that delivers up to 1050ml of oxygen a minute in a self-regulating pulse mode. It comes with all the travel essentials, including a discreet carry bag and a rechargeable battery lasting up to 4.5 hours. It even comes bundled with Clarity - a free, remote monitoring service that provides predictive maintenance alerts for home oxygen providers, friends and family.