WEBTECH™ LITE KNEE SLEEVE Silicone Back Panel Donjoy Advantage

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Give your knee the support and comfort it needs to keep up with your lifestyle. The DonJoy® Advantage Webtech™ Lite silicone web knee sleeve helps you stay active with a comfort back panel and dual medial/lateral spiral stays designed to conform to the joint. Gentle compression and targeted pressure above and below the patella help provide support, relieve pain and absorb shock. The lightweight slip-on sleeve with adjustable straps is easy to apply and fits both the right and left knee.

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Silicone web technology provides gentle compression and targeted pressure above and below the patella to help provide pain relief and shock absorption

Comfort back panel provides flexibility and comfort

Dual spiral stays provide medial/lateral knee support

Easy to apply, slip-on sleeve design with adjustable thigh and calf straps

Fits both the right and left knee

  1. Unfasten the straps
  2. Slide brace into place so that the web opening is centered over the kneecap.
  3. Feed the bottom strap through the strap loops and D-ring to secure. Repeat for the top strap.


Hand wash in warm water using mild soap, rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

Size is based on knee circumference.

Inches/CM         Small              Medium             Large

Inches:               13 - 14"          14 - 15"             15 - 17"

CM:                    33 - 36cm       36 - 38cm          38 - 43cm