Walker TRAY, Tray for Rolling Walker

Product information





Only Fits on NOVA Mighty Mack and Star DX Rollators: Star DX, Star DX Heavy Duty and Star DX Heavy Duty Extra-Wide

Walkers provide a carry-on surface to transport and display safely. This device also balances items in a wire basket, such as a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal. Things can easily get caught in grooves, and cups may tip on uneven surfaces. The Tray for Cruises is ideal for rolling walkers, fitting securely on the walker's seat. This particular tray will fit all of the following models; 4200 (Cruiser), 4203 (GetGO),4202 (Cruiser Deluxe),4212 (GetGO Super), 4215 (Mack), 4216 (Mighty Mack), 4010 (Cruiser De-Light), and 4201 (Cruiser II). Please note that it will NOT fit the 4208 (GetGO Petite) or the 4202C (GetGO Classic).

Additional details

  • Great for carring food, drinks and various personal belongings
  • Fits all NOVA Cruiser and Mack series walkers (does not fit on other walker series)
  • Has side handles to easily lift tray from walker to table or counter
  • Size: 15.75"L x 1.5"D; Weighs 1.5 pounds

  • Each Height (inches): 2
  • Each Width (inches): 11
  • Overall Height (inches): 1.50
  • Overall Weight (lbs): .9
  • Overall Depth (inches): 10.50
  • Retail Packaged: Yes