STABILIZING ELASTIC WRIST LEFT HAND Contoured, removable DonJoy Advantag

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The DonJoy Advantage Stabilizing Elastic Wrist delivers moderate support and compression for Carpal Tunnel, mild wrist sprains and strains, tendonitis or instabilities. This lightweight, compressive elastic wrap offers moldable, removable and padded palmar stay for an anatomical and comfortable fit. The wrap-around style allows for easy on/off application and supports the wrist during day-to-day activities. The Stabilizing Elastic Wrist helps reduce swelling and pain during recovery and protects the wrist from re-injury or discomfort.

Product Details

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Contoured, removable and padded palmar stay for an anatomical fit and adjustable support.

Compressive elastic construction for a lightweight and comfortable fit

Circumferential strap provides additional compression

Wrap-style brace for easy on/off application and adjustable fit


Size is based on your wrist circumference, measure around your wrist.

Measurement:                XS / S         M / L          XL

Inches:                           4.5 - 6.5      6.5 - 8.5    8.5 - 9.5

Centimeters:                  11 - 17        17 - 22      22 - 24