Skin Barrier Ring SoftFlex 4 inches Hollister

Product information




Skin Barrier Ring SoftFlex Moldable, Standard Wear Adhesive without Tape Without Flange Universal System Hydrocolloid 1-3/16 Inch Opening7806

Additional details

  • Sting-free alternative to paste.
  • Can be stretched and molded to create custom shapes.
  • Can be cut, bent, and stacked together to improve the fit of the skin barrier.
  • For individuals with sensitive skin or limited dexterity

Brand SoftFlex

Manufacturer Hollister

Adhesive Type Adhesive without Tape

Application Skin Barrier Ring

Barrier Depth Flat Depth

Barrier Material Hydrocolloid

Barrier Shape Flat Shape

Barrier Type  Moldable, Standard Wear

 Flange Size Without Flange

Opening Size 1-3/16 Inch Opening

Supplier_ID 487722