Ostomy Barrier Trim to Fit, Standard Wear Adhesive Tape

Product information




  • Confidence is assured with the Floating Flange; it provides utmost security with the patented locking system that audibly clicks into place.
  • Protects skin from corrosive drainage with the standard wear, FlexWear skin barrier.
  • Eliminates pressure on tender post-operative abdomens with the exclusive Floating Flange.

Ostomy Barrier New Image™ Flextend™ Trim to Fit, Standard Wear Adhesive Tape 102 mm Flange Yellow Code System Up To 3-1/2 Inch Opening

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Additional details

Brand New Image™ FlexTend™

Manufacturer  Hollister

Country of Origin United States

Adhesive Type Adhesive Tape

Application Ostomy Barrier

Barrier Depth Flat Depth

Barrier Shape Floating Flange Shape

Barrier Type Trim to Fit, Standard Wear

Flange Size 102 mm Flange

Opening Size Up To 3-1/2 Inch Opening

System Match Yellow Code System

Q: Should I use any ostomy accessories? If so, how do I use them?

A: Accessories are optional items, but they can be essential to your routine ostomy care. Each serves a specific function and is used only when indicated. To determine what accessories might address your issues and needs, read Your Guide to Essential Ostomy Accessories in our Ostomy Learning Center.

In addition, we have care tips for many of our Hollister Adapt accessory products that discuss when they can be used, and include photos and step-by-step instructions for proper application. Click the links below to view care tips for specific products. You can also view our “Using Ostomy Accessories” ostomy educational videos.

Q: What do I do when I experience skin irritation and leakage?

A: The skin under your pouching system should look like the skin on the other side of your abdomen – no itching, redness, or open skin. If you experience any issues, contact your ostomy care nurse or healthcare professional. In addition, Hollister Secure Start services can help you find a product that may work better for you. You can also access the Peristomal Skin Assessment Guide, which is designed to help identify common skin problems and provide the next steps for care, and read our Peristomal Skin Care Tips and the Maintaining Healthy Skin articles in our Ostomy Learning Center.

Q: How can I avoid peristomal skin issues?

A: The condition of the skin around your stoma can greatly impact your quality of life. Read the Maintaining Healthy Skin articles in our Ostomy Learning Center to learn how to keep your peristomal skin healthy.