No Sting Wipes Barrier Protective Dressing,

Product information




The Securi-T USA No-Sting Protective Barrier Wipes are convenient, individually-wrapped wipes soaked with a no-sting formula that provides effective protection between skin and tape. With a simple application of just wiping on the skin before applying tape or film, the skin's health is protected. These barrier wipes are ideal for those with sensitive skin or desire to make sure their ostomy appliance is more secure.

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Additional details

  • Helps tape and film adhesion, no sting and non-irritating
  • Provides protection between skin and tape
  • Helps tape and fim adhesion
  • Dries to a tack to enhance tape and film adhesion
  • Protects skin from body fluids
  • Fast-drying and non-irritating
  • Reduced adhesive trauma
  • Assists in the prevention of skin maceration