Knee scooter walker heavy duty 400lb

Product information




The Nova Heavy-Duty Knee Walker (TKW-13) has a 400 lbs. weight capacity, designed for foot and ankle injuries.
Nova Knee Walker TKW-13, HEAVY DUTY User height: 4'11" - 6'2", 400lb Capacity
A walker to carry your foot! The Knee Walker is a patient-powered knee scooter that works great when you can't bear weight on your foot or ankle. This knee-walker steers like a bike and has a nice smooth glide. The Knee Walker even has a hand brake. It's a great alternative to uncomfortable crutches.

The Nova Knee Walker allows you to return to normal activity quickly, avoid injury to your wrist, arm & shoulders from crutches, use your hands-free when in a parked position, protect your injured foot/ankle, and have maximum mobility.

Large 8" wheels provide a smooth ride over uneven surfaces. Locking the hand brake provides speed control and allows the user to stay in a single position without rolling.

Additional details

  • Limited lifetime warranty on frame
  • 1 year warranty on handbrakes
  • 6 month warranty on handgrips, knee pads, and parts

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Unit Weight: 29 lbs
  • Approx. patient height: 4'11" - 6'2"
  • Foldable, Portable
  • Overall Dimensions folded: 21.25"H x 18"W x 32.25" L
  • Overall width: 18"
  • Handle Height Adjustment: 30.25" - 37.25"
  • Knee Pad Height Adjustment: 17" - 21.5"
  • Knee Pad Dimensions: 15"L x 7.5"W
  • Steering assembly
  • Adjustable for Right or Left leg.
  • Locking hand-brake
  • 8" wheels
  • Basket Available
  • Color: Metallic Red


The Nova Knee leg caddy is for people with foot or ankle injuries, individuals having foot/ankle surgery, diabetics with Charcot joint disease, ulcers or other complications, patients with bunionectomies, Achilles tendon problems, or foot reconstruction, and clients with neuromuscular problems, arthritis, or amputations.
Easy to fold steering column is convenient for transport and compact storage.
8" wheels

  • Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot
  • Deluxe lever brake ensures safety
  • Over-sized contoured padded platform pads
  • The steering assembly allows the user to maneuver and helps maintain stability easily.
  • Tool-free height adjustment
  • Works for left or right knee
  • Adjustable knee height
  • Adjustable Handle height with durable rubber handles

The Nova TKW-13 Knee Walker is an excellent mobility device for foot or ankle injuries that require the patient not to put weight on the affected area. It can be a great long or short-term alternative to crutches or folding walkers that can have adverse effects such as back or underarm pain from extended use. The Knee Cruiser allows the user to maintain an active and more independent lifestyle which will help them progress to a quicker recovery.