Hi Low full electric Hospital Bed

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Alterra™ 1130 Economic, high-low, full-electric bed Item number Description FCE1130B Alterra 1130B high-low bed only FCE1130SRQO Alterra 1130 bed package (Includes Alterra 1130 bed, soft-touch side rails, head/ footboards, in traditional style, solar oak finish, and mounting hardware) FCE1232HDW Mounting hardware for head and footboards Cost-effective Provides positioning comfort with independent and simultaneous operation of the head, knee, and hi-low functions. A strong, well-built, low-maintenance electric bed is suitable for most residents in long-term care facilities. Resident safety A low height of only 7.25" helps reduce injuries from falling with high-risk patients. All Alterra beds meet the entrapment guidelines of the FDA. Performance Lightweight bed was built for ease of use and transport. Smooth performance with ultra-quiet, dependable DC motors that operate without horizontal movement eliminates wall damage. Wall guards, mattress retainers, and stability knobs for the headboard and footboard come standard.

Additional details

Extra-tall assist rails (FCE1232RSRXT)

Bed extenders (Length: FCE1232EXT; Width: FCE42KIT

Mounted trapeze (Mounting Kit: FCE1232TPZ; Trapeze: MDS8061ST)

Assist bar (FCE1232ABN)

  • Maximum height of 26" for easy resident access; low size of 7.25" for Alzheimer's patients and any other resident at risk of falling
  • Smooth performance with four ultra-quiet, dependable DC motors: two for height, one for knee hinge, and one for reclining head deck
  • Grid and rib combination deck design provides comfort and strength
  • Bed deck dimensions: 80" L x 34.5" W; 87.5" overall length
  • Battery backup not included
  • Minimum height of 7.25" for residents with Alzheimer's disease and other risk factors for falling; the optimum height of 26" for convenient user accessibility.
  • Four ultra-quiet, dependable DC motors provide stable operation: two for height, one for the knee joint, and one for the reclining head deck.
  • Relaxation and strength are provided by the grid and rib combo deck design.
  • Dimensions of the bed deck are 80" L x 34.5" W; 87.5" overall.
  • Traditional style soft-touch head- and footboards, finished in solar oak, with head and footboard mounting hardware. Cost-effective.
  • Offers comfortable positioning with autonomous and synchronized head, knee, and hi-low operation.
  • A sturdy, well-built, and low-maintenance electric bed is ideal for most residents in long-term care institutions.

The overall length of 87.5."

Height range                7.25" to 26."

Bed deck dimensions       35" W x 80" L

Movement styles          Head, knee hinge, high-low

Weight capacity 450 lbs.

Deck style                     Combination grid/rib

Casters                        8 total, four locking

Motors                          4 DC

Battery backup is Not available

raising or lowering

Horizontal movement: No horizontal movement when

Electrical components three years

Warranty information

Welds                           Lifetime

Bed frame                    15 years

Patients with persistent disabilities and local levels of freedom in day-to-day activities use long-term care hospital beds. Choosing a healthcare bed that meets a patient's medical demands is crucial because it is essential to a patient's rehabilitation and treatment. While hospital beds and beds for long-term care facilities aim to increase recovery, convenience, comfort, and range of motion while reducing the risk of falls, they are designed to meet various medical needs and patients based on whether they need hospitalization or ambulatory, critical care.