Full Electric hospital Bed WeCare Joerns

Product information




The Joerns WeCare™ bed offers all the functions and stability of an institutional frame with an easy-to-deliver and assemble package. The split-frame design combines easy, one-person delivery with ultra-low bed height for fall prevention and a full range of options to deliver convenient, effective care in any environment.

Additional details

  • Enhance confidence entering/exiting the bed with full range stability and foot placement.
  • The split-frame design combines easy, one-person delivery with ultra-low bed height for fall prevention
  • Intuitive ergonomic hand pendant with 8-function control and integrated hook
  • Improve comfort, simplify repositioning, and reduce falls risk with flexible sizing up to 42″ W and 84″ L
  • Easy to transport and store with innovative dolly stair climber accessory

  • Standard length 80″
  • Width 35″ – Optional 39″ or 42″ with CareWide Accessory
  • Low height 8″ (Base model 8¾”)
  • High height 28″ (Base model 26″)
  • Underbed clearance 18″
  • Safe working load 450 lb
  • Product weight 165 lb
  • Delivery weight 77 lbs or less
  • Meets safety standards

Designed for Ease of Use Stop messing with complicated bed controls. The WeCare Hi-Low hospital bed could not be simpler to use and is flexible enough to keep up with your every need. Easily use the 8-function ergonomic hand control to adjust your bed height, back, and knees, or enable auto-contour positioning. Four rubber feet lock the bed safely into place and can lift to move the bed around your home smoothly. This bed comes in split pieces, making it easy to assemble and use immediately. Take Your Basic Home Care Bed to the Next Level All the functionality you expect from semi-electric and full electric homecare beds, is taken a step further. This ultra-quiet sturdy homecare bed holds up to 400 lbs weight capacity, with a mesh deck to accommodate multiple types of mattresses. An aesthetically pleasing headboard and footboard blend perfectly with your home interior design. Seamless, Safe Transfers Every Time Do you struggle to raise from a reclining to a standing position? Raise or lower the bed to assist your movement, like a lift chair, and grasp the installed rail for extra support to help you to your feet. The bed lowers to 8”, or lifts to an impressive 26” height to help caregivers administer care without unnecessary strain. Confidently move in and out of bed. Without safety concerns or instability.