Foley Stabilization Device Statlock® Sterile, Tricot Anchor Pad, Adult

Product information




Bard statlock adult foley stabilization device for latex and silicone catheters is designed to minimize catheter movement and accidental removal. Foley catheters are prone to inadvertent pulling or tugging that can expose the user to a great deal of discomfort. Statlock stabilization device fixes this discomfort and is a more effective alternative and easier to use than tape and circumferential leg straps.

Additional details

  • Effective means for foley catheter stabilization
  • Maximizes patient comfort
  • Eliminates circumferential compression
  • Works well with most latex and silicone catheters
  • Sterile and latex-free
  • Lock-tight design stabilizes catheter to prevent pistoning and accidental dislodgement
  • Swivel retainer allows catheter movement with the patient without exerting a pull force on the catheter
  • Releasable design allows for easy cleaning of patient
  • Unique alcohol-soluble adhesive is gentle on the skin
  • Breathable latex-free tricot fabric provides added patient comfort
  • Alleviates traction of urethral catheters

  • Application: Foley Stabilization Device Tricot Anchor Pad
  • Size: Adult
  • Compatibility: Latex and Silicone Catheters
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Package Quantity: 25 per Box