E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors for Oxygen Nasal Cannulas - 1 Pair

Product information




E-Z Wrap Ear Wraps for Cannulas is made of soft foam tubing to cushion the ears as it protects the skin from moisture produced from wearing a nasal cannula. Closed-cell foam creates s sure seal since the cells are pressed tightly together to keep out air and water. Wearing this ear wrap is important for patients who are at risk for skin breakdown. Since the ears do not have padding between the skin, the foam protectors will keep skin healthy when receiving oxygen therapy.

Additional details

  • Protects Ears from Moisture Produced from Cannula
  • Closed-Cell Foam Repels Moisture
  • Prevents Skin Breakdown
  • Soft Foam Molds Easily for Comfortable Wearing
  • Foam Wraps Easily Apply to Cannula

  • Manufacturer: Salter
  • Labs Compatibility: Oxygen Cannulas
  • Included in Box:1 pair E-Z Wrap Soft Foam Ear Protectors
  • Size:1 1/2 Inches