Product information




Patella knee pain may be a struggle for kids, but with the unique Marvel design, the DonJoy® Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve Featuring Marvel helps alleviate discomfort in style. Featuring 4mm neoprene and a mesh popliteal, the Patella Knee Sleeve helps provide a comfortable fit and compression. The calf expansion panel aids flexibility which helps create better comfort in on-field movement. Forget the standard black children’s knee sleeve, the Marvel design allows personality and character to come out and can make wearing a youth knee support more fun. Choose from Spider-Man or Captain America designs.

  • 4mm Neoprene aids in a compressive fit
  • Pull tabs for easy on/off
  • Mesh popliteal provides a comfortable fit
  • Calf Expansion panel aids in flexibility
  • Unique Marvel Design

Additional details

  • Neoprene Material
  • 4mm Neoprene helps regulate body temperature and aids in compressive fit
  • Easy On/Off Application
  • Pull tabs help on/off capabilities
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Designed with a mesh popliteal for breathability and comfort
  • Calf Expansion Panel
  • Stretch panel around the calf aids in flexibility and comfort when moving
  • Patella Buttress
  • Patella donut provides mild knee joint support

  1. Pull the sleeve up over the knee joint centering the patella in the opening.
  2. The mesh popliteal should be on the back of the knee/leg.
  3. Adjust as needed

Hand wash in warm water using mild soap, rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

Size is based on knee circumference. Measure from the center of the kneecap.