DELUXE ELASTIC KNEE Compression Sleeve

Product information




Elastic compression knee sleeve with silicone hex-buttress opening.


  • Elastic knit material for lightweight, breathable and comfortable support
  • Silicone donut for inferior, superior, medial and lateral patellar (kneecap) stabilization
  • Spiral stays for medial/lateral support
  • Anatomical design for ultimate fit
  • Expansion panels allow for freedom of movement
  • Easy-to-apply, slip-on design
  • Elastic band at the thigh for anti-migration
  • Fits the left of right ankle
Product Details

Additional details

The DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Knee is a supportive, elastic knit compression sleeve with medial and lateral stabilizers. Breathable and low-profile, this knee sleeve is constructed with a silicone hex-buttress to support the knee and knee-cap while reducing pain and discomfort associated with mild knee sprains, strains, swelling, soreness, arthritis or Patellofemoral Syndrome. Designed with expansion panels, this knee sleeve won't limit range of motion, allowing you to move freely in complete comfort. Delivering moderate support, the Deluxe Elastic Knee can be worn during daily activities and fits the right or left knee.


Size is based on the circumference of the knee. Measure around the center of your knee.

Measurement:        Small        Medium         Large        X-Large

Inches:                   13 - 14"     14 - 15"         15 - 17"     17 - 19"

CM:                        33 - 36cm  36 - 38cm     38 - 43cm  43 - 48cm