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Keep your hands moving freely and comfortably with our Full Finger Arthritis Copper Gloves. Made with Copper, polyester, and spandex blend fabric, these gloves provide the targeted compression needed to minimize pain and maximize mobility in your hardworking hands.
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Full Finger Arthritis Copper Gloves Constructed with a soft breathable blend infused with copper for soothing relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, injury, and more.


Alleviates pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the wrists, fingers, and hands with moderate compression to promote natural healing.


Easily use smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices with a unique fingertip design.


Machine washable, the copper arthritis gloves feature minimal stitching to eliminate irritation and provide longer usability.


Each palm and finger is lightly textured with nonslip dots to provide a secure grip on drinking glasses, electronics, and more.


Each glove is sized to provide exceptional coverage for aching wrist, hand, and finger joints.


Relieves pain, stiffness and inflammation in the wrists, hands and finger

Great for computer use, driving, gardening and more

Sizing (Measure Circumference at Knuckles):

Extra small: 6.5” to 7”

Small: 7” to 7.5”

Medium: 7.5” to 7.8”

Large: 7.8” to 8.2”

Extra Large: 8.2” and up


Copper, polyester and spandex blend

Care Instructions:

Machine wash the copper arthritis gloves with like colors

Allow to air dry completely before use

Are the Vive full-finger copper arthritis gloves good for those with carpal tunnel?

Yes, the Vive full-finger copper arthritis gloves provide soothing compression support for relieving carpal tunnel pain.

Does this include two gloves?

Yes! The Vive copper arthritis glove set includes two gloves.

Are the Vive copper compression gloves machine washable?

Yes, the copper compression gloves are machine washable with like colors.

Do the Vive arthritis gloves contain copper?

Yes! The Vive copper arthritis gloves are made with a copper-infused polyester blend.

Do the copper compression gloves contain latex?

Yes, the Vive copper compression gloves contain latex.

How do I determine what size of copper compression glove to purchase?

First, measure the circumference of the hand at the knuckles. Compare your measurement to the sizing information provided.

Are the copper compression gloves very tight?

The Vive copper arthritis gloves provide moderate compression with a flexible fit that moves with your hands for easily performing everyday tasks.

Can I wear the copper arthritis gloves while working?

Yes! The Vive copper arthritis gloves allow you to easily complete everyday tasks such as typing, driving, gardening and more.

Are these gloves for both men and women?

Yes! The full-finger Vive copper arthritis gloves are suitable for both men and women and are available in five sizes for a comfortable fit for any hand size.