All-Terrain Cane Quad Tip Reduce hand impact Nova

Product information




The All Terrain Cane Quad Tip Cane Stand adds stability and pivot to your cane, reduces impact on your hand and wrist, and even allows your cane to stand upright on its own. It truly makes your cane... the Best Cane Ever!

Model: 10040BK

Additional details

  • ALL-TERRAIN CANE TIP makes your cane to All-Terrain with a quad tip base that gives your cane more traction - giving the user more stability, support and balance.
  • YOUR CANE STANDS ON ITS OWN with the extra-wide quad tip - keeping your cane by your side and at hand’s reach. Overall Tip Diameter: 4.25” x 4.25”
  • DURABLE RUBBER TRACTION BASE gives you optimal non-skid support and grip on all surfaces from smooth to rugged.
  • QUAD BASE HAS THE IDEAL FLEX to give your traction and support while getting up and down from a seat.
  • ADD TO ANY CANE with a tube diameter of 3/4” or .75”. Easy to install: Remove the existing tip and insert the quad tip opening over cane tube. Push the Quad Tip on the ground to make sure the cane tube is fully inserted and secured to the cane.

  • Unit Weight (lbs): 0.76
  • Weight Cap (lbs): 300
  • Color: Black
  • Each Height (inches): 2.75
  • Each Width (inches): 6
  • Overall Height (inches): 2.75
  • Overall Depth (inches): 4.25
  • Country of Origin: CHINA
  • Retail Packaged: Y
  • Tip Size (inches): 3/4
  • UPC Each: 652308134354