Men’s Motion Cushioned Cotton 360 Closed Toe Calf-High Socks 20-30mmHg

Product information




  • Supima cotton for highest level of comfort and breathability
  • Extra-padded sole, heel, and toe to protect feet
  • Flat, low-friction toe seam
  • – Diabetic friendly
  • Supima® Cotton: 68%
  • Nylon: 25%
  • Spandex: 7%
  • Non-Latex
  • also called Compression socks, compression stockings, ted hose, Graduated compression or pressure stockings, Knee length gradient compression stocking,  Anti-embolism stockings 

Additional details

  • KNEE HIGH COMPRESSION: Sigvaris Motion Cushioned Cotton compression socks are a comfortable way to protect the feet and are ideal for everyday wear. This incredibly comfortable design helps promote leg health and relieves various symptoms.
  • BEST SUITED FOR: With 20-30 mmHg of support, these compression socks help manage vein issues, standing for long periods, work shoes, boots, and casual and sports shoes. Perfect for sensitive skin and diabetic-friendly.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Receive the highest level of comfort with the extra padded sole, heel, toe, and breathability. The 64% Supima cotton, 28% nylon, and 8% spandex material is extremely durable and of the highest quality.
  • COMFORTABLE COTTON: You'll want to wear this sock daily due to its soft and breathable construction. This style will not slip or pinch - you get a secure fit and effective blood circulation benefits.
  • WHY SIGVARIS?: Premium quality materials and guaranteed graduated compression to maximize therapeutic benefits. "Live your life. Be yourself."
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