Wheelchair Transport & Regular use

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From $25/week


We offer various kinds of wheelchair rentals. Compared with other items listed above, wheelchairs take up a lot of space if you decide to buy them. As a result, wheelchairs and transport chairs are better suited for renting if the use is temporary and you cannot live without them. Do not miss out on this attractive offer.  Low-priced rentals are available if you don't have other reasons to purchase a wheelchair or transport chairs. 






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Wheelchair Transport & Regular use

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All rentals are thoroughly sanitized and inspected upon return and before delivery.



$15 /day

Rent by the day for short-term medical needs and a hassle-free experience.

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$25 /week

Rent by the week for flexible usage options and convenient equipment access.

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$70 /month

Rent by the month for extended support and peace of mind.

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