• Durable, lightweight TIG-welded frame folds down for easy transport
  • Swing-back, desk-length arms flip back for the easy ins and outs
  • Breathable nylon upholstery and custom adjustability (dual-axle Hemi-height and back height) provide a more comfortable user experience
  • Smooth-rolling latex tires are solid and flat-free for lasting durability
  • Quick-release axles provide easy, tool-free removal of rear wheels
weight capacity
fabric options

Features Patented STRONGBACK ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support in the backrest Compact foldable design Ultra-lightweight Swing-away detachable footrests Ergonomic comfort-grip handles Comfortable desktop-length armrests Weight capacity: 300 lbs. 

Specifications STRONGBACK 24, Medium - 18" seat  Quick-release wheels three-position rear axle for beginner, intermediate, and expert users 24-inch rear wheels Size

(unfolded): 40X27X37 inches Size (folded): 29X14X29.5 inches Net Weight: 13.8 lbs. (without footrests, wheels, and anti-tippers) Total Weight: 25.8 lbs.

STRONGBACK 24, Large - 20" seat Quick-release wheels three-position rear axle for beginner, intermediate, and expert users 24 inch rear wheels Size (unfolded): 40X29X37 inches Size (folded): 29X14X32 inches Net Weight: 13.8 lbs. (without footrests, wheels, and anti-tippers) Total Weight: 25.8 lbs.

Improve Posture with a Strongback Mobility Chair

With a design aesthetic focused on improving posture by properly supporting the spine, the range of Strongback Mobility wheelchairs and transport chairs sets new standards in mobility and comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic design and ultra-lightweight materials used in their construction, these wheelchairs provide exceptional support and a great sense of well-being among users. Why settle for an inferior product when our wheelchairs can improve your quality of life?

Discover our wheelchairs

Feel Comfortable in Any Setting

The STRONGBACK design style aims to provide exceptional levels of comfort in any setting. Whether you are looking for a chair that will provide ease of movement when you are out and about or want something that you can sit in for prolonged periods without lower lumbar aches and pains, the entire range of wheelchairs from Strongback Mobility will fit the bill. Whether you want to spend the day out with friends and family, go on an excursion or commute to work, our products are designed for reliability, comfort, and support.

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STRONGBACK Wheelchairs – Intelligent Design for Everyday Use

The designs of our wheelchairs offer everyday practicality; for example, the lightweight design makes it easy to fold up and place into the trunk of your car. Moreover, there is a sporty-looking design aesthetic, which means each ergonomic wheelchair is distinctive and will stand out from traditional models. There are sweeping lines, an elegant color scheme to enjoy, and a very practical frame-integrated posture support system.


  • Durable hammertone frame and easy-to-clean nylon upholstery
  • Swing-back arms are also removable for easy transfers and storage
  • Hemi-height adjustable
  • K3 Guardian 16" Wide Wheelchair with Full-Length Arms and Elevating Leg Rests
  • K3 Guardian 18" Wide Wheelchair with Height-Adjustable Desk-Length Arms and Swing-Away Footrests
  • K3 Guardian 20" Wide Wheelchair with Desk-Length Arms and Swing-Away Footrests

Medline excel Hybrid 2 Transport Wheelchairs

Hybrid 2 Narrow Transport Wheelchair with Removable Desk-Length Arms and Swing-Away Footrests, 300 lb. Weight Capacity, 16" Width


  • Combination wheelchair and transport chair
  • These chairs come with the transport wheels already attached
  • You simply remove the large wheel and stow until the standard chair mode is required
  • 300 lb. capacity
  •  Wide Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair with Telescoping Handles 
  • Treaded, flat-free tires for safe use
  • Swing-back armrests for easier movement in and out of chair
  • Includes seat belt; calf strap also included on models with swing-away footrests
  •      Transport Chairs: Basic Aluminum Transport Chair with Permanent Full-Length Arms, Swing-Away Footrests and 12" Wheels, 
  • Medline transport lightweight wheelchair has large 12-inch rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces | Loop-style manual handbrakes are ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers
  • Transport chair with powder coated aluminum ultralight frame is durable and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The folding transport wheelchair is portable, making it perfect for easy storage, transport, and travel | Back folds down to make the chair more compact
  • Full-length permanent armrests | Detachable footrests | Seat belt for safety | Comfortable nylon upholstery
  • Transport wheelchair seat dimensions are 18 x 16 inches | Weighs 23.5 lbs |

    Safely transport an adult patient or loved one in the secure, folding transport wheelchair with a generously wide seat, padded backrest, and armrests.


    Folding flat for storage, the backrest also folds down to fit in most vehicles for easy portability.


    Constructed with a strong steel frame, the lightweight folding wheelchair features adjustable footrests and supports up to 300 pounds.


    Locking hand brakes ensures the transport chair remains steady when entering or exiting, while an adjustable seatbelt secures passengers when in motion.


    Providing added stability, the large, 12” rear wheels also enable safe and easy maneuvering over uneven surfaces.


    The folding transport chair arrives pre-assembled with the tool-free installation of the footrests.


reclining Wheelchair with Desk-Length Arms, Nylon, 16", 18" and  20"  Wide


  • Reclining wheelchair with desk-length arms and elevating leg rests
  • Nylon construction for easy cleaning
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Adjustable telescoping handles for caregiver comfort.
  • Durable vinyl upholstery.
  • Treaded, flat-free tires for safe riding.
  • Anti-tippers included.
  • Standard dual axle allows for easy adjustment of seat height to hemi level.
  • Armrests and calf pads are upholstered and padded.
  • Flip-back arms.
  • Arm style: swing back desk length permanent; Leg style: detachable elevating legrests.
  • Seat size 14" x 12" (36 cm x 30 cm).
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • SKU: 
    KPD2N22S  12" Wide Kidz Pediatric Wheelchair

Rear Anti-Tip Device for K1 Basic Wheelchair

  • Designed to instantly make wheelchairs safer by preventing them from tipping back
  • Will fit most standard models
  • Easy to install
  • Wheelchair Rollator vive health


    A versatile hybrid rollator wheelchair allows individuals to walk, ride and rest safely on any terrain, including grass, gravel, carpeting, and more


    A folding frame easily fits in the trunk of a car and in compact storage areas.


    Features removable footrests and adjustable handles for a comfortable fit


    Safely maneuver inclines with the ergonomic bicycle-style hand brakes and securely lock the wheels in place when seated for added stability.


    Constructed with a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the combination rollator transport chair safely supports up to 300 pounds


    a detachable shoulder bag safely stores a purse or wallets, electronic devices, medications, and more


      Features powerful motors, front shock absorbers, and solid tires to easily navigate over grass, gravel, pavement, carpeting & other hard surfaces


      Folding in seconds, the power wheelchair is ideal for air travel, cruise ship travel, and similar outings.


      Repositionable, 360-degree joystick controller + includes battery charge indicator, horn, speed controls & USB charging port.


      Powered by a rechargeable battery, with a maximum speed of 3.7 mph and a driving distance up to 6.2 miles per charge


      Constructed with lightweight aluminum to safely support up to 260 pounds and includes an adjustable footrest, armrests, and back seat height


      Generously padded with a dense foam, the 17.5” wide seat is covered with soft, breathable material for optimal comfort and includes an adjustable safety belt


      Medline Ultralight Transport Chair, Permanent Armrest, Swing-Away Leg Rest, 300-lb. Weight Capacity, Red, One

      • The durable transport chair weighs less than 15 lbs. and folds up easily for outings with a caregiver
      • Compact design plus convenient carrying handles on the seat for portability
      • Permanent restaurant-style armrests let the user sit closer to tables and desks
      • Swing-away leg rests for easier in/out
      • Made of high-grade aluminum; 300-lb. weight capacity
      • 6-inch front casters and 8-inch rear wheels for smooth rolling
      • 24.5in. W x 37.5in. H overall; 19in. W x16in. Dx 19in. H seat with easy-care nylon upholstery
      • One red transport chair

      When choosing a wheelchair, it’s good to weigh your options . . . Introducing the So Lite™ Wheelchair—just 16.5 pounds.

      Since their invention in the 17th century, self-propelled wheelchairs have remained too heavy, too clunky, awkward in tight spaces, uncomfortable, and hard to transport—but they were and are priceless mobility to those who need them.
      That’s why the introduction of the uniquely designed So Lite™ Wheelchair is truly significant—ok, revolutionary! This chair addresses all the problems long associated with wheelchair design and weight while making self-propelled mobility safer, more comfortable, convenient, and attainable. First, it’s super lightweight—the frame weighs 16½ pounds with the quick-release back wheels removed.

      Travels easily. Lifts easily. Stores easily.

      You’ll notice immediately that the wheels are thinner and the whole chair more streamlined. Made of military-grade magnesium that’s known for a combination of lightweight and strength, this chair is a cross between a graceful, easy-to-push transport chair and a standard, strong-and-sturdy wheelchair (only lighter!). The lesser weight means easier maneuverability and control, both for the person in the chair or a person pushing it. Seniors and their caregivers no longer have to choose between a feature-rich wheelchair with all the bells and whistles and one light enough for easy transit and travel. Now function and features have come together—it took only 350 years!

      The ultralight wheelchair with heavyweight features

      Features designed for added safety include a dual braking system with manual locks (and front brakes to prevent the chair from moving when you don’t want it to), front caster wheels (for added maneuverability), two anti-tipping rear wheels (for added balance and support) and flat-free tires (no maintenance required.) A first-time user told us in amazement, “I could easily do the smoothest 360° turn, right in place.”
      Features designed for added convenience and comfort include flip-back arms so you can roll right up to a desk or table; padded and durable seat and back cushions that remove for quick cleaning; and—for easy storage and transit—a flip-down backrest and removable, quick-release rear wheels. All this is at a fraction of the weight of a standard wheelchair and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.
      Why spend another day struggling with an inadequate, difficult wheelchair? Call now, and a helpful, knowledgeable product expert will answer any questions about the So Lite™ Wheelchair. It’s waiting for you at the corner of innovation and function!

      Traveler® HD 22X18 Detachable Desk Arm, Swing away Footrest.

      The Traveler® HD is manufactured with the same commitment to quality E&J is known for.

      Designed for optimal patient transport as well as hospital/clinical use. Built with a heavy-duty frame to support up to 500 lb users. Reinforced at all critical load-bearing points and a long-lasting embossed back and seat upholstery with a double inner liner for durability. With its multiple seat widths ranging from 20" to 24" and 18" seat depth (1" longer than standard), this heavy-duty wheelchair enables institutions and caregivers to accommodate a large variety of patients.


      Advantage Recliner, reclining wheelchair 18", Desk Arm, 

      The Advantage Recliner or reclining wheelchair with elevating leg rest comes with a higher back and removable full support headrest. The headrest includes additional neck support that adjusts easily to fit every need. The durable hammer tone frame is designed to support up to 300 lb and in the bariatric version, up to 450 lb users.