• Soft
  • TOP QUALITY: Formerly known as Access, the fibers in DYNAVEN are innovative in the sense that they enhance performance and durability. We use high-filament synthetics and channeled polyesters blended with cotton.
  • HIGH STANDARDS: All Sigvaris products are listed as Class 1(general edema) and Class 2(blood flow). Along with being ISO(International Organization for Standardization), this proves that our products truly benefit customers.
  • ORIGIN: Born in Switzerland. Made in the USA. People buy and wear compression garments for the management of certain issues, such as leg comfort and during long-distance travel and the management of leg swelling and vein issues.
  • SIZING: Our knitting machines regulate stitch length and yarn tension while shaping the fabric to a leg model for the best fit. The compression level of these socks is 20-30mmHg, which was crafted with the most precise sizing chart in the industry.
  • MATERIALS MATTER: Every single one of our products is made of synthetic fibers and contains no animal products. Made of 79% Nylon, 21% Spandex; Latex-Free, Sigvaris makes products that are effective, durable, and of the highest quality.
  • KNEE HIGH COMPRESSION: DYNAVEN by Sigvaris compression knee-high socks for women offer the durability you can trust in a large range of sizes, making them your go-to choice for everyday compression support.
  • BEST SUITED FOR: With 15-20 mmHg of support, these open-toe compression knee highs are great for entry-level compression, are suitable for a post vein procedure, for frequent travelers, and to relieve various types of edema.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: These knee-high socks wick away moisture for enhanced performance. The 79% Nylon, 21% Spandex double-covered inlay yarns provide comfort while remaining durable and of the highest quality.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: You’ll want to wear these traditional knee-high socks every day due to their next-to-skin comfort and ease of putting on and taking off. This style includes a reinforced heel, a wide toe area, and is designed to stay in place.
  • WHY SIGVARIS?: Premium quality materials and guaranteed graduated compression to maximize therapeutic benefits. “Live your life. Be yourself.”

sasaDuomed advantage compression socks for men and women provide opaque coverage and support to treat the symptoms of vein disease. With a soft, luxurious feel, Duomed advantage will keep you feeling comfortable and rejuvenated all day long. Duomed advantage calf products are available in closed or open-toe options); in 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40 mmHg compression levels); extra-wide calf variants); and in Beige, almond, or black colors.

  • Fashionable opaque look with a luxuriously soft finish all in an affordable compression stocking.
  • Guaranteed graduated compression for improved leg health
  • Opaque, durable material to conceal blemishes with confidence
  • Thigh garments designed with a comfortable beaded silicone top band for a no-slip fit
  • Luxurious, soft fiber blend for all-day comfort
  • Universal fit self adjusts to any hand shape and wrist size
  • Aluminium palmer stay is lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Immobilizes the wrist without impeding finger movement
  • Soft materials feel nice against the skin


The protect. Universal Wrist Brace provides relief from minor wrist sprains and strains as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, and post-casting issues Universal fit self adjusts to any hand shape and wrist size Aluminium palmer stay is lightweight and easy to adjust Immobilizes the wrist without impeding finger movement Soft materials feel nice against the skin

medi produces medical aids for a variety of conditions and life situations. But we don’t see ourselves solely as a manufacturer. On the contrary, we handle our own research and development, technology, production, marketing and sales in-house – always keeping our focus on the market, its demands and variables, and the media vision.  Readmore


Combines soothing warmth of neoprene elbow sleeve with a counterforce strap that restricts full extension of muscles and tendons. Contact closure strap with D-ring provides exact fit and adjustment. 8 Inch Length. Fits 10 to 12 inch circumference

  • Contact closure strap with D-ring provides exact fit and adjustment
  • 8 Inch Length
  • Fits 12 to 14-inch circumference
  • 8 Inch Length
  • Fits 12 to 14 inch circumference
  • MAX Rewards Program Information|2007-0071 MAXRewards sell sheet.pdf

*Relieves Pain in the Back/Legs/Abdomen
*Transfers Weight Evenly
*Provides Gentle Support
*Pre-Pregnancy Dress Size: 9-14
*Size: Medium
*Sold by Each


BH307S Size: Low Contour Lumbar Sacral Support Small Features: -Lumbar sacral support.-Latex-free.-White ventilated elastic panels with 4 flexible stays to help prevent rolling.-Breathable elastic material.-Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.-Relieve lower back pain or can be used simply.-Small: Fits waist 24'' - 30''.-Medium: Fits waist 30'' - 38''.-Large: Fits waist 38'' - 46''.-Extra large: Fits waist 46'' - 54''.-2 Extra large: Fits waist 54'' - 62''. Options: -Available in small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large sizes. Color/Finish: -Color: White.


    Providing mild compression to the hands, fingers and wrists, the full finger gloves effectively reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness


    Tipped with a touchscreen-friendly material, the gloves are designed for easy use with phones, tablets and other touchscreen devices


    Constructed with a lightweight cotton blend that remains comfortably cool and dry


    Easily perform daily tasks such as driving, cooking and typing or rest and relax through the night


    Minimal stitching eliminates friction and irritation for greater comfort


    Designed to provide exceptional coverage for wrist, hand and finger joints


    compression gloves for arthritis are design relieves inflammation and stress on pressure points while easing pain located in hand and wrist muscles, tendons, and joints


    Designed with minimal yet durable stitching to optimize your comfort


    Open finger design provides complete mobility to keep up with most everyday tasks


    Lightly textured grip to make performing daily tasks easy


    Made of the cotton-spandex blend, the lightweight material provides a comfortable and breathable fit


    Delivers soothing warmth and support to stiff muscles and joints


Compression Hosiery, Edema, Firm Compression (20-30 mmHg), Leg Pain, Sock, Condition, Athletic, Closed Toe, Compression Level, Fabric, Gender, Knee High, Medium, Nylon, Polyester, Size, Spandex, Style, Unisex

Formerly known as Traverse, the High Tech collection is designed to ensure correct fit and accurate compression. SIGVARIS MEDICAL products fit various lifestyles and are best suited for those with chronic venous disorders, edema, stasis, skin changes, and for those who have had or will be having a vein procedure.

How does graduated compression therapy help with the management of venous problems?

As a person walks, the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins aid in moving blood toward the heart. The external graduated compression of SIGVARIS socks and stockings acts as a layer of muscle by gently squeezing the stretched vein walls together, allowing the valves to close. The cavity of the vein is reduced, thereby restoring blood flow to a normal state and aiding overall circulation.

To be most effective, the socks or stockings should be put on at the start of your day and removed before you go to bed. Some people have an inherited weakness of the vein walls or valves which creates additional challenges to venous return. Wearing SIGVARIS graduated compression socks or stockings is vital for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and other circulatory problems.

The Swiss company SIGVARIS, 100% family-owned since it was founded, is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression garments and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. The company was established in 1864 in Winterthur. For about 100 years, SIGVARIS produced “rubber-elastic textiles”, which it sold both in Switzerland and abroad.

With over 8 million pairs of stockings created in 2015, The Swiss Group SIGVARIS has its headquarters in Switzerland and is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression garments. The Group pursues an international growth strategy on the solid foundation of more than 150 years of success.

  • UNIVERSAL Pad: This pad is designed to be utilized with cryotherapy machines for a variety of body areas including the knee, shoulder, elbow, and more. When you need a diverse pad to cover a variety of places, this is the accessory for you.

  • WORKS WITH MANY SYSTEMS: There is a range of circulating water therapy systems available, and our pads fit most models. For those that aren't directly compatible, we offer a conversion pairing that can be changed out in many existing systems. **COUPLING CONVERTER MAY BE REQUIRED - SEE OUR INFOGRAPHIC ON COMPATIBILITY**

  • HEALING THERAPY: Cold therapy units provide a cooling relief to trouble areas to help reduce swelling. They can provide pain relief for more chronic conditions, sports injuries, and surgery recovery. Our pads can be used with both hot and cold units.

  • CONTINUOUS FLOW: Ice cold water is invigorating to your body and can help get your body game-ready in less time. Encourage your body to heal with increased blood flow and manage your discomfort caused by traumatic injuries or post-operative pain.

  • INSULATED TUBING: Keep water cooler for longer with the insulated tubing on your cold water therapy pad. As the water exists in the circulating ice machine, the tubing prevents water from warming as quickly by protecting it from outside temperatures.

  • REDUCE SWELLING: The Arctic Ice Clear cryotherapy machine uses a continuous flow of cold water to provide soothing relief swelling and inflammation, joint pain and boosts post-workout recovery.
  • PORTABLE AND QUIET: Designed for easy portability and storage, this compact ice therapy system has a quiet motor for a more pleasant recovery from sports injuries, shoulder surgery, or knee replacements.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: The built-in LCD screen and adjustable settings give you an easy way to control the treatment time and motor intensity as well as monitor water temperature. Convenient easy-to-read controls are at your fingertips.
  • CLEAR DESIGN: The insulated walls of the AIS Clear allow you to see the fill line easily as well as monitor the ice level in your machine. You'll know right away when it's time to refill the unit to keep the cool flowing.
  • UNIVERSAL PAD: Included with your Ice Machine is a universal therapy pad that can be utilized for a variety of body areas including the knee, shoulder, elbow, and more. The flexible pad and device have insulated tubing to keep temps cooler longer.

    Adjustable compression support relieves pain and increases circulation to promote healing


    Restricts against unsafe movements to promote healing and prevent re-injury


    Strong fastener system secures brace adjustments for a nonslip, customized fit


    Unisex and adjustable design can be worn on the left or right shoulder


    Easily fits under clothing with minimal visibility


    Temperature-regulating blend for all-day comfort

Fasten your recovery and prevent further shoulder issues.

Enhance the recovery rate with the help of Shoulder Brace Vive, as it improves blood circulation. To encourage recovery and prevent re-injury, limits dangerous motions. The brace modifications are fixed using a durable mechanism for a nonslip, tailored fit. The Unisex design is adaptable and may be used on either shoulder. It simply goes undergarments with little exposure and delivers all-day comfort because of its thermal composition.

The Shoulder Brace Vive stabilizes the shoulder and restricts mobility while delivering restorative compressive assistance, ensuring optimal shoulder posture. The shoulder brace is convertible and is suitable for injuries, joint problems, displacements, arthritis, and rotator cuff difficulties. The easily adjustable brace is lightweight and may be worn beneath ordinary fit garments with little notice. Both men and women can easily use it. The compressive support is made of a ventilated neoprene combination that keeps the muscle comfortable during daily tasks, workouts, and sports. It is useful for preventing re-injury. 

  • It aids in the recuperation process after surgery.
  • The Shoulder Brace Vive soothes shoulder and arm discomfort with customizable pressure, improving circulation to encourage recovery while maintaining soothing warmth to alleviate stiffness and inflammation.
  • The brace can be modified with safe attachment straps to be more or less tight as desired.

    Providing targeted compression and soothing cold or heat therapy, the knee wrap relieves pain, stiffness and swelling due to ACL injuries, sprains, strains, arthritis, fatigue, and sports injury


    Easily inflate the internal air chamber to provide therapeutic compression, adding or releasing air for personal comfort


    Includes three nontoxic Arctic Flex gel packs to provide soothing heat or cold to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling


    Reversible for use on the left or right knee, the compression ice wrap easily adjusts to accommodate knee circumferences up to 21”


    The compression knee wrap includes a hand pump and anchor strap to secure the flexible tubing out of the way while in use or for compact storage


    Lightweight and latex-free, the ice wrap is constructed with a soft, neoprene blend for exceptional comfort

  • Pain-relieving wrist wrap for arthritis, carpal tunnel and more
  • Easily adjust to the level of compression desired
  • Versatile Arctic Flex gel pack for heat or cold therapy
  • Reversible design for left or right wrist
  • Flexible, latex-free neoprene blend
  • 60 Day Guarantee