The UPWalker Upright Walking Aid is a revolutionary breakthrough in mobility that provides a solution to poor posture, instability and pain from walkers and rollators. It enables users to walk upright in a safe and more secure posture.

The UpWalker Upright walker improves mobility and independence for seniors, rehab patients, and users with neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonology and other health disorders. It can help reduce wrists, back, and leg pain.

Reasons to buy UPWalker Upright Walker.

  • Helps users get back on their feet and regain their independence
  • Supportive upright posture walker improves walking posture
  • The lightweight 23-pound aluminum frame folds for easy transport
  • Comes fully assembled in graphite gray color
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Multi-Terrain Wheels - Large 8-inch rubber wheels help to move smoothly over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Sturdy Foldable Frame - Stylish, the lightweight 23-pound frame folds easily for transport and storage yet is strong enough to support 300 pounds.

Sit-To-Stand Handles - Padded handles make the transition between sitting and standing easier and safer.

Comfortable Seat- Fabric seat with backrest support slides front to back for sitting or walking.

Lockable Brakes- Ergonomic handbrakes are easy to use for better control, stopping, and parking.

Adjustable Height Armrests- Padded armrests enable users of varying heights to stand tall and look ahead with confidence and dignity.

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    he UPWalker Lite Upright Walker is a lighter and smaller model of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use.


    This revolutionary breakthrough in mobility enables users to walk upright in a safer, more secure posture as compared to traditional walkers and rollators that cause users to hunch over.


    Compared to the original UPWalker, the UPWalker Lite walking aid is easier to maneuver in tighter spaces, easier to lift and transport better and suited for smaller, frailer users.


    Rediscover Walking Ease, Comfort, and Freedom with UPWalker Lite!