sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
sleep again pillow system
Sleep Again Pillow System - White

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What is the Sleep Again Pillow System?

The Sleep Again Pillow System was designed by a breast cancer survivor to specifically address all of the issues that come with keeping your body safe following surgery and ensuring a restful recovery.

Comfortable sleep is essential. The Sleep Again Pillow System supports back sleeping when


Our pillow is a full system composed of separate pieces, allowing you to roll or slide out of bed easily following a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Breast Augmentation

The Sleep Again Pillow is a supportive and nurturing way to heal following any breast augmentation or reduction procedure.

Surgery Recovery

Our wedge pillow system provides a secure and restful night's sleep following many surgeries, including abdominal procedures, c-sections, and ACL surgery, to name a few.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Looking for a stop snoring pillow? The Sleep Again Pillow system assists with sleep apnea and sinus issues.

Wedge Pillow Sleep Support

Our pillow system contains two wedge pillows, two body-contouring side pillows, and a headrest pillow. If you’re looking for a wedge pillow or a way to stay elevated while sleeping, this is it!

Sleep Again Pillow System

Get a Good Night's Sleep after the Surgery. 

A breast cancer survivor invented the Sleep Again Pillow System to particularly handle all of the challenges associated with moving your body safely post-surgery and guaranteeing a comfortable recovery. A good night's sleep is crucial. The Sleep Again Pillow System promotes back sleeping when recovering from a variety of treatments and its cushion pillow form is a sleep aid for a range of other medical issues, including sleep disorders, backache, and anyone who requires an upright sleeping posture. 

Every Sleep Again Pillow Solution consists of five parts:

  • The back and hips are cradled by two curved side pillows.
  • For the best body inclination, use the Upper Body Cushion.
  • Leg Support Cushion is used to elevate the legs softly.
  • To support the head, use a head pillow.
  • Detachable and easy to wash slipcovers for each part.

Benefits of using the Sleep Again Pillow System: 

Sleep is essential during recovery, and Sleep Again Pillow System assists you in the following ways. 

  • Sleep Again Pillow System is a complete system having various sections that allow you to roll or get out of bed after surgery gently.
  • The Sleep Again Pillow is a gentle and comfortable approach to recovery after breast surgery.
  • Following various surgeries, such as stomach treatments, c-sections, and ACL surgery, our cushion pillow design ensures a safe and sound sleep.
  • Sleep disruption, snoring, and sinus problems can be helped with the Sleep Again Pillow system.
  • Sleep again is the pillow for you if you're searching for a way to keep your head up while resting.


Sleep Again Pillow System

Product Description


Every Sleep Again Pillow System Includes:

  • Two Contoured Side Pillows to cradle the back and hips

  • Upper Body Wedge to create optimal upper body incline

  • Leg Support Wedge to gently elevate legs

  • Head Pillow to provide head support and neck mobility

  • Removable, washable slipcovers for every piece

Please note that because the Sleep Again Pillow System is a bedding product, all sales are final. Federal regulations prohibit the resale of used bedding products. Therefore, no returns are accepted outside of an exchange due to damage.

Please contact us via email at with any questions!

healing from a wide variety of surgeries, and its wedge pillow design is a sleep aid for several other medical conditions, including sleep apnea, back pain, and anyone needing to sleep in an elevated position.

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