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  • Salter Elite Compressor with NebuTech Reusable Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, 7' Supply Tubing
  • Designed for efficient, quick, and convenient delivery of aerosolized medication
  • Lightweight, quiet and portable with voltage options
  • Available with either the NebuTech or T-Piece Small Volume Jet Nebulier
  • All units are durable, reliable and easy-to-use
  • All kits include one compressor
  • Replacement filter available for 8350 and 8352

Product Description

Salter Aire Elite Nebulizer Compressor is a sturdy, easy-to-use, next-generation home nebulizer compressor system used to treat asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments. Combined with a reusable, high-density nebulizer, the Salter Aire delivers aerosolized medication quickly and efficiently via two one-way valves and a closed-chamber system, which minimizes the amount of wasted medication upon delivery when compared with that of a standard compressor. Nebulizing medications of up to 3 cc within seven minutes or less, The Aire Nebulizer delivers up to 7 LPM in horizontal or vertical positioning.

Salter Aire Nebulizer Compressor features a built-in hand grip underneath the frame, allowing for easy transport to and from a tabletop, as well as a molded corner for easy storage when not in use. The power switch, inlet air filter compartment, and airflow outlet are all recessed, offering increased durability, as well as additional protection to the interior. The addition of a convenient, spill-proof frame has a docking port for nebulizers built onto the side, stabilizing the medication cup for better and more accurate delivery of medication.

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