lift chair
lift chair
lift chair
lift chair
The Perfect Sleep Chair - Brown, Medium/Large, Up to 375 lbs., Hazelnut

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Genuine Italian Leather

 Enjoy the luxurious comfort of genuine Italian leather. There’s just nothing like that distinctive look, feel, and smell. Your entire chair is covered in 100% real leather… not just contact areas like lesser quality chairs.

Our tannery in Italy uses full-grain hides processed in a way that provides soft, pliable, yet long-lasting leather that will look fantastic for years to come. It easily withstands everyday wear & tear, and most nicks or scratches can be easily wiped away. Since genuine leather breathes, it dissipates heat and cold quickly. No matter the weather, it is always comfortable. Nothing compares with the ageless, classic beauty of genuine Italian leather.

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Product Description

Sky medical use case for the perfect sleep chair 

The Perfect Sleep Chair has been meticulously created to provide a customized sleep experience. It has many configurations, including lying entirely flat and therapeutic heat and massage. To feel more prepared for a new day, get more restful sleep since having fun never gets old.

  • The robust and practical power lift chair provides the best relaxation, combining contemporary design and functionality with a single motor and heavy-duty system. 
  • Sit back, elevate and tilt to stand, and easily adjust to any desired position. This lift chair has been renovated and is bigger than previously. You will adore it once you start using it.
  • Nice and Antiskid Material: Strong back, thick cushioning, and high-grade antiskid soft furnishings, created on the back, seat, and armrest for assistance and comfort, create a very comfortable sitting sensation and improve safety. 
  • Simple Operation: The assembly of the Lift Chair takes ten minutes, and all operations are controlled by remote control with only two buttons.

Before using this product, talk to your physician about your health. After using for a while, if you get pain in a muscle or joint, stop using immediately and see a doctor. Chronic may be a sign of a severe issue.


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