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Compact Bed Rail With Bag - White

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    Aiding individuals when sitting up and getting in or out of bed is great for seniors & those recovering from injuries and surgery.
    For convenience, the handrail drops down for simple, out-of-the-way storage
    A strong, adjustable anchor strap secures the bedrail to the opposite side of the bed to prevent slipping and gaps
    Open fit design works with any size bed frame, including the king, California king, queen, full, and twin
    Creating a comfortable, nonslip grip, the bed rail handle is enclosed in a soft foam
    Easy to assemble, the durable aluminum rail quickly installs on any standard bed frame

Product Description

How do I install the compact bed rail? Will I be able to use this bedrail with my sleep number bed? Yes! The bedrail rests under the mattress for use with any size mattress. Can I take this bedrail apart for traveling? Yes, the rail can be taken apart for traveling or long-term storage. How tall is the bedrail handle? The bedrail is 21.1” tall. Will the Vive compact bed rail work on a platform bed? Yes, the bed rail will securely sit between the mattress and platform. The anchor strap can be adjusted to secure to the opposite side of the bed. Does the compact bed rail fit king-size beds? Yes! The compact bed rail fits all bed frame sizes including king sizes. Could I use two compact rails for placing on both sides of the bed? Yes! On larger bed frames, such as a full, queen, or king, two separate bed rails can be used. Will the compact rail stop someone from falling out of bed? Yes, an anchored bed rail will prevent someone from falling out of bed if positioned correctly. Does the handrail come off? The handle can be lowered when not in use. What are the compact bed rail dimensions? The compact bed rail base measures 10.75” by 22.13”. The handle measures 21.1” in height. Does the bedrail come with a strap? Yes! The compact bedrail includes a sturdy nylon strap for anchoring the bedrail. Will the bed assist rail fit an adjustable bed? Yes, the bed assist rail will fit an adjustable bed frame. Does the rail have enough room to hang a catheter bag? Yes, a catheter bag can be attached to the lower rail of the compact bed rail. What is the weight limit for the bed rail? The Vive bed rail safely supports up to 300 pounds. Will I be able to feel the bed rail under the mattress? No, the bed rail is undetectable under the mattress. - Vive Compact Bed Rail - Anchor strap - 1 Bag - Lifetime guarantee Uses: For assisting individuals getting into and out of bed. Ideal for seniors and those with back and hip issues Dimensions: Handle height from stability bar: 21.1” Stability bar length: 22.13” Handle width: 13” Base width: 10.75” Strap length: 175”

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