1. Put your hand in the stocking and grab the heel between your thumb and fingers as if you are making a sock puppet.

2. While holding the heel, turn the product inside out, which brings the heel to the forefront.

3. Step into the foot and place the heel of the stocking just short of the heel.

4. Gently unfold the garment leaving a small, single-layer band across the foot.

5. Put your finger into the fold and pop it over the heel.

6. Smooth out all wrinkles and place the top band two finger-widths from the right-angle bend of your knee. Don't pull it too far.

Helpful tips for donning & doffing

Donning compression socks doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.  
Yes, they’re snug. They’re supposed to be –  that’s what makes them medically useful. But that’s also why it can be difficult to put on compression socks, especially over the heel and ankle. Unfortunately, when people get discouraged, they don’t wear them consistently – and the swelling in their lower legs and ankles tends to get worse rather than better. 
The following tips for wearing compression socks can help you adopt smarter habits. Soon, a frustrating task will become a quick and simple part of your daily routine.