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The coccyx is the tailbone of your back. Your coccyx consists of three to five fused bones. It's located beneath the sacrum, a bone at the base of your spine. Coccydynia, coccyx pain, or tailbone pain, is a type of pain that occurs near the base of the spine due to inflammation or an injury. Women are far more likely than males to suffer from this pain. Trauma to the tailbone or surrounding area, such as a backward fall or delivery, is the most common cause of the coccyx's back and neck. You can also get coccydynia if your coccyx or surrounding muscles and ligaments are injured or strained. In the case of coccyx back and neck, you might be looking for a seat comfort ring, back cushion, or neck pillows that eases the pain, help you live pain-free, and give you the needed support when you travel.

What causes coccyx back and neck pain

Tailbone pain might be mild and achy at first, but it usually grows sharper if you sit, stand up from a seated posture, or stand for lengthy periods. Defecation and intercourse may be painful as well. Tailbone discomfort can sometimes make menstruation difficult for women.

There are several reasons you might develop coccyx back pain and, ultimately, neck pain too. Trauma to the coccyx following a fall, degenerative joint changes, extended sitting on a hard or narrow surface, or vaginal delivery can all cause coccyx back discomfort.

If you participate in activities like cycling or rowing regularly for a very long time, you may develop coccydynia. This is because you constantly bend forward, extending the base of your spine. The muscles and ligaments around your coccyx might get strained and stretched if this action is done several times.

The good thing is that coccyx pain usually goes away within a few weeks or months. But still, it is quite a painful period for the sufferer.

How to identify coccyx back and neck or coccydynia (Symptoms)

Coccydynia is a common condition that causes discomfort in the tailbone. Tenderness at the bottom of the spine between the buttocks is the most common sign of coccydynia. 

Some key symptoms that you can notice for coccyx back and neck are:

  • Lower back pain that worsens when you stand from a sitting position.
  • Tingling or numbness in the leg
  • Tailbone swelling
  • Pain that worsens during sexual activity
  • pain that worsens during a bowel movement
  • irregular bowel motions
  • Continuous lower back pain above buttocks.

Best ways to relieve pressure off your back in coccydynia:

You can get pressure-relieving pillows to make your life much better. Coccyx back pain can sometimes be too painful, but you can make the pain less by using pressure-relieving cushions and pillows. There are several options you can opt for, but we personally highly recommend you the below options for making your life easier:

Seat Comfort Ring:

A seat cushion ring or a donut cushion has proven to ease the coccyx lower back pain on several occasions and is highly recommended by several physicians.

The high-quality foam gives soft and much-needed support to your lower spine thanks to the meticulous construction of the seat comfort ring. The cushions will help to gently press the pelvis forward, putting your tailbone in a more comfortable posture.

It would be best if you sat on the donut cushion. This ensures your tailbone is centered over the hole in the cushion and the buttock cheeks are resting on each side of the surface. Be sure to lean forward slightly instead of leaning back once seated on the donut cushion to relieve the tailbone discomfort.

Back Cushion to relieve pain:

It would help to use a back cushion and a seat comfort ring. The back cushion will support your back and keep your backbone in a rested and comfortable position.

Back cushions help your backbone align in a neutral position. The shape of the back cushions is just like how the curve of your spine should be. This is the main reason why they are recommended and suggested by physicians in all sorts of back and lumbar issues. Not just your spine, the bottom of the back cushion also provides support to your tailbone when you are sitting.

Back cushions are of enormous importance in terms of their support; on top of that, they are portable too. You can take your back cushion while driving, when you are working, and even while traveling. Back cushions are a cheap and easy way to help you relieve a lifetime of back pain, coccyx pain, misalignment, and bad posture.

Neck Pillows to relieve stress on the neck:

Coccyx pain doesn't only affect your back, spine, and buttocks. People with tailbone issues may also have neck discomfort or stiffness. The most prevalent cause is improper sitting, which involves tilting forwards or to the right or left side to relieve pressure off the tailbone.

Hence it is highly recommended to use a neck pillow while recovering from coccyx back pain.

A neck pillow may help you feel and sleep better if you develop neck pain while recovering from coccyx back pain. Because the upper region of your backbone is called the cervical spine, a neck pillow is also known as a cervical pillow. According to research, a cushion with strong cervical support can help ease neck discomfort and enhance sleep.

Neck pillows for travel is also an extreme necessity whether you are suffering from coccyx pain, neck pain or no pain at all. A neck pillow will help maintain a healthy neck position while sitting or sleeping during traveling. Neck pillows come in various sizes and shapes, while u-shape and j-shape neck pillows are the most efficient ones. Use the in-car, bus or in-plane, and make your traveling healthier and more comfortable.

Temporary coccyx back pain reliever:

You can also apply ice to the lower back to temporarily relieve pain. In most cases, ice should be applied to your back for the first 24 to 72 hours after an accident. Swelling and inflammation can be reduced with cold treatment. This, in turn, relieves your discomfort. Cold therapy has also been shown to reduce tissue damage.

This might differ from case to case. Alternatively, you should use a seat comfort ring, back cushion, and neck pillow and consult a doctor for more recommendations and treatments.

Conclusion – what are pressure relieving pillows for coccyx back and neck

Consult your doctor if your tailbone discomfort persists it may be a sign of chronic coccydynia. To rule out any other problems, they may do a rectal examination. Your doctor may recommend magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to determine whether you have a fracture, degenerative changes, or, in rare situations, a tumor.

Thanks for reading this article; we wish you a speedy recovery from the back and neck pain of the coccyx. Remember that a seat comfort ring, back cushion, and neck pillow for travel and daily activities can ease your pain and help you quickly recover.

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