Blog Is it Possible to Rent Both Electric and Standard Wheelchairs for a Zoo Visit?

Thu, 05/11/2023 - 14:10

Museums, zoos, and other recreational places have great sights to behold and enjoy. If you want to visit any such place with a mobility aid then wheelchair rental provides you the best opportunity.Wheelchair Black Upholstery durable manual McKesson's

Considering mobility-challenged individuals, many places are wheelchair accessible and allow the users to easily visit and have fun. The zoo is one of such incredible places.

Visiting a Zoo with a Manual or Electric Wheelchair

Mobility-challenged individuals often prefer to stay at home due to their health problems. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs or mobility scooters greatly help them to attain back their freedom of movement. Now you can move outdoors to markets, parks, restaurants, or recreational places with these mobility aids.

To make the zoo visit more comfortable and enjoyable for the visitors, it is possible to choose a wheelchair rental rather than taking your wheelchair from home. Zoos are generally located in faraway areas, distant from the residential areas. For this reason, it is far better and more comfortable to rent rather than packing and transporting your wheelchair from home to the zoo.

Zoo has a very easy wheelchair policy that is fully helpful in roaming around the zoo and watching beautiful sights. It permits to rent wheelchairs with a minor difference in their policy.

How does Wheelchair Rental Work for a Zoo?

Every zoo has almost the same wheelchair renting policy but with a minor difference. That's why it is better to contact the zoo support center when you plan a visit.

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Usually, manual and electric wheelchairs are provided on rent on a first come first serve basis. As the zoo authorities just have a limited number of wheelchairs, you need to call and book the wheelchair before visiting. Charges may be varied from zoo to zoo but a manual wheelchair will be charged $10-$12.

 If you are willing to hire some assistance to move you around with the wheelchair, there is also an option for it. It will charge you a little extra but you can enjoy it fully when assisted by a support person. The zoo area doesn't have more smooth surfaces but it mostly has rough pavements with uneven terrain. An assistant to aid you in moving your manual wheelchair will help immensely when moving the wheelchair in rough terrain.

Electric Wheelchair 

If a person desires to rent an electric wheelchair, it's necessary to call the zoo support center to book it for you. It is suggested not to visit the zoo without reservation as there is a high chance that you do not find a wheelchair.

The user must be 18 years or older to use electric mobility aid whether it's a wheelchair or scooter. Riding an electric wheelchair in public places is a bit dangerous, therefore, you might be instructed to drive it at a specific speed. Typically, the rent of this type of wheelchair is $25-$35.

Key Points to Consider When Renting a Wheelchair from Zoo

Renting a wheelchair from the zoo is hassle-free but you need to consider and take care of a few things before renting.

Wheelchair Return Policy Zoo authorities might take your driving license or any other similar document until you return the wheelchair. Or an extra amount might be charged that will refund to you after returning the mobility equipment.

  • Standard Size Availability 

Wheelchairs present in the zoo are of standard size and weight capacity. There are not many options for selecting the wheelchair that fits your size. Therefore, if you have a different height, weight, or seat size, it will be convenient to bring your wheelchair. In this case, you can still hire an assistant if you want.

  • No Waiting List 

In most zoos, there is no waiting list for the availability of wheelchairs. You must reserve the wheelchair as there is a limited chance to get the wheelchair on rent upon arrival.

  • Complimentary Access

If you are accompanied by a support person when visiting a zoo, there is no need for an extra ticket. Usually, the access is complimentary for the support assistant. It is only valid for individuals with disabilities. Some specific documents are required for the access of other persons.

  • Contact Support 

It is suggested to contact the support center of desired visiting spot to get complete information regarding the wheelchair renting policy.

Final Thoughts

To refresh your mind and spend some quality time with friends and family, visiting the zoo is a great option. Even if you are using a wheelchair for mobility, going to such spots is not even a problem.

These places provide equal fun opportunities for mobility-challenged individuals by offering wheelchairs and scooters for rent. It means you do not need to fold and transport your wheelchair to the place. By paying a little amount, you can get the desired wheelchair with or without walking assistance.